Monday, October 20, 2014

Benze Vacations Club Diwali Offer

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Benze Vacations Club
Diwali Offer
Join 2Day
Get Cracker VIP Box
10k Spa Coupon
8Days Stay @ Goa
Life Membership 50% Off
Easy 3,6,9,12 EMIs
Details Call
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Benze Vacation Club in Mouna Raagam

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Benze Vacation Club in Mouna Raagam on 12th Oct 2014
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Benze Vacation Club in “KADHULA POO” Programme

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Benze Vacation Club in “KADHULA POO” Programme On 12-10-2014 @7.00PM
Benze Vacation Club in Kadhula Poo Programme
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Benze Vacation Club In Whistle Programme

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ON 05/10/2014.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Benze Vacation Club for Every Special Occasion

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Benze Vacation Club
Benze Vacation Club

Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country. Each Indian festival has its own significance. People of South India follow a very traditional lifestyle; known for the passion they show in religion, tradition, customs and culture that make festivals in south India popular all around the world. Festivals of South India are popular all around the world. In short South India is a Kaleidoscope of festivals.

As Hyderabad is the IT hub of the nation so it has dwelling place for lots of engineers and students. Most of them are bachelors and come from all over the nation to work or study here. In this fast growing world and hectic schedule they get very less chance to celebrate each and every festival with their family as it is not really possible all the time to visit families in different cities. Most of them don’t get a chance to go to their home for holidays and festivals. So they decide to hang out around with friends, stay back, and enjoy the holiday/leave from work as just another leave and not holidays for festival celebration. Even in Chennai, there are pioneer engineering institutes and other institutes for professional courses apart from the MNCs; which again has a mixed crowd of unmarried men and women, students and even families who do want a getaway or place to celebrate festivals even if away from family.

We at Benze Vacation Club invite all of them for celebrating festivals with us. Why search for options on weekends and festivals when you can enjoy each festival with us. Benze Vacation Club provides an opportunity for all of you people away from family and homes to celebrate festivals as community of your own together with people from different origins and experience the same festival with different cultural relevance and spirits. Benze Vacation Club is a home away from home, nd all of us are a part of the big family called India.

Take time out from strenuous and stressful chases after goals, deadline and targets and have some splendid time with your family and loved ones here at Benze Vacation Club. We started this journey with a club at Chennai since then we have never looked back. We have a goal of making a club for family in every state of our country. Benze Vacations Club has redefined luxury and pampering, reaching out to families with an elegant touch of refined hospitality.
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Benze Vacation Club: A Family Entertainment Club

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Benze Vacation Club
Benze Vacation Club - India's First Family Entertainment Club
“A few years ago, when I wanted to get out of my city for a vacation, I always wondered what will be a place that is homely, yet I feel relaxed. Will there be a place where I feel safe with my family and I can enjoy my holiday. If there is a place where I can just go as a get away from the city maybe only for a weekend? And then, someone introduced me to the idea of a holiday home, where one could just go and spend their time; but when I actually went there, I felt bored and it did not feel anything different form home. That is when, in 1999, I decided to better the concept of holiday homes and came up with Benze Vacation Club,” Mr. Thiru, MD, Benze Vacation Club.

Benze Vacation Club was initiated to provide people a safe place to spend their holidays where they have an option of recreational activities, they can enjoy their everyday tasks like gym, swimming, etc and enjoy the feel of being pampered and get a holiday feel; along with scenic beauty and all needed resources. Benze Vacation Club offers top quality services, tailored to meet the needs and wishes of every single member of a variant family. All our clubs are ornamented with spa, acupuncture swimming pool, children’s play area, free internet connection, indoor and outdoor games and much more, which gives us a competitive edge over others.

At BVC India, we believe that a resort or club can achieve a status only of being perfect world- class holiday destination, solely on the basis of its offering the optimum combination of exceptional service and attention to detail with a balance of hospitality and customer service goals. Our properties, on the basis of these qualities, have been ratified by our customers and industry experts as a vacation getaway, which go that extra mile to ensure that families enjoy a safe, peaceful, and fun filled vacation. We at Benze Vacation Club ensure that your holiday experience is made a memorable one!
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